…in no particular order!


I wrote for this magazine for over 12 years. If you fly fish and tie flys and don’t read this magazine… you’re crazy!

It’s simply the best!

www.medlarpress.com and www.waterlogmagazine.com

Jon and Rosie Ward-Allen are my publishers and good friends. They are also, I suspect, the only publishers that will put up with me!


If you tie flies and you are not a member…you should be!


If you own a computer and a fly rod I can’t believe you have yet to discover this great site. It’s the on-line magazine that gives you everything you need to know about the 3 F’s. Fly Fishing, Fly Tying and Forums!


Phil Holding goes to great lengths to source the very latest fly tying materials from around the world. Gotta love his stuff!


If you want to fish the English Chalk Streams you will not find a more pro-active website! Simon Cooper and his team will do everything in their power to ensure you have a great day!


This is the site for Ulf Hagstrom. All I can say is, if you tie flies, go there and be amazed!


Chris Reeves at Fishing Class was one of the first people to take a serious interest in my fly tying. He introduced me to David Edwards of Bug-Bond and even got me to tie in public, which I said I would never do! As you will see from his site, he also offers a tying service for my fly designs and any other patterns you may need.


This is a great event! If you have an interest in fly fishing of any kind and fancy a trip to the Emerald Isle…I’ll see you there!


Since 1923 the Veniard Company has been supplying quality fly tying materials to the world’s tyers. Peter Veniard certainly has his finger on the pulse. Anything new on the scene is rigorously tested so that if the Veniard name is on it…it’s OK!


Great new store…great guys…thank you for everything!


On the header of this site it says, ‘The aim of this blog is to connect fly-tyers all over the world, to share techniques, patterns, information and knowledge.’ It’s a great achievement and one of the best. My congratulations to its originator Barry Ord Clarke.


Steve Cooper offers the most comprehensive range of fur and feather materials anywhere in Europe. Prompt and friendly service guaranteed!


Whatever kind of fishing you’re into, I suggest you make Glasgow Angling your first on line choice…they seem to stock it all!


For the last 15 or so years, I have not traveled to any foreign destination without first contacting Skyplane. Great deals and peace of mind!


The British Fly Fair International is the biggest and the best in the UK. It’s the most enjoyable two-day event I’ve had the pleasure to attend. Great tiers, great materials and great demonstrations.


My favourite Carp kit! A fantastic range of tackle to help you catch those crafty old carp!


The management of Virtual Nymph products has recently been taken over by my chum Dale Rushby and he has some great surprises in the pipeline. Check out the latest products including some of the best Seals Fur I’ve ever seen.


For those who have never cast a fly for coarse fish, a visit to Dominic Garnet’s site could give you a whole new outlook on our sport! His latest book ‘Fly Fishing for Coarse Fish’, published by Merlin Unwin, is an absolute ‘must’ for every fly fisher’s bookshelf.


This is a truly international site, so if you are interested in what is happening in fly fishing and fly tying world wide…Check it out!


Whatever you want to learn catc