Episode 1

When I appear at fly-fishing and vintage tackle shows, many of the questions I’m asked fall into several, distinct categories. So, I’ve put together this ongoing video magazine that will not only answer many of your queries, but also show you some of the materials, tips and tricks that I’m more than happy to recommend. Welcome to my ‘STUFF’! In this first episode, I mess with materials, tempt you with an old tying tool, fashion a two-feather fly, view and review vices, and consider some curious collectables… Enjoy!

Episode 2

Welcome to episode two of my ‘Stuff’, and thankyou for all your kind words about episode one. This time I’ve been folding feathers, diddling with dubbing, plundering paintbrushes and valuing vices. There’s a ‘Buzzy Bug’, an ‘All Purpose Spinner’ and a DIY Feather Folder…Enjoy!

Episode 3

At last! …I hear you cry….. ‘STUFF’ 3! In this enthralling episode we tantalize you with a Taser Bug…Humour you with history…Tie the One Fly winner and reveal my vintage tackle! Enjoy!

Episode 4

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better…Stuff 4! In this four-part extravaganza we bring you ready-made wings and bodies plus a simple Sedge pattern. In the book section we recommend how to Catch’Em and collect ‘em and in the third part I advise on how to dress a Fish Skull! Finally, I’ll show you some old angling gadgets that are making record prices in the auction rooms. Enjoy!

Episode 5

Hello ‘Stuffers’! Here it is…new for 2014…’STUFF 5’! In this cocktail of delights, we start with our film of the British Fly Fair International. I’ll then recommend some handy aids to fly tying and explain why I called my new fly ‘Bob’. Next I’ll describe how the ‘hair of the dog’ can help your fishing, and finally I’ll introduce you to my ‘Supa-Dupa-Pupa’!… Enjoy…

Episode 6

Hello again ‘Stuffers’… In a constant search to bring you items of superlative quality, this episode begins with that master of the vice and bobbin Ian McKenzie, tying his Parachute Emerger. Next I take you to the world of vintage tackle and introduce you to some early British lures that are making ridiculously high prices in the auction rooms.In part three I’ll recommend two books that I consider essential reading for any keen flytier. I’ll also show you a couple of new fly tying kits.Finally I’ll tie a new Mayfly Emerger pattern based on my signature fly ‘The Bullet’… Enjoy!