Welcome to my fly tying videos page. Here you can enjoy all my videos showing how to tie my favorite flies...enjoy!

Wyoming Half Back

This is my ‘Wyoming (West Sussex!) Half Back’ It’s my ‘Avoid a Blank Day’ Fly! Don’t go fishing without it!

The Orange Diving Daddy Fly

The ‘ODD Fly’…The Orange Diving Daddy! This fly just keeps on catching. Please tie it! You will not be disappointed!

Stuff Appetiser

Enjoy a quick bite of ‘Stuff’. My video magazine that brings you new flies, new products, collectable tackle and a whole menu of tips and tricks. Find out what it’s all about.

The Under Hackle Mayfly

In this little video I explain how I use Bug Bond to balance my ‘Under Hackle Mayfly’ and show you a few clips of the lighter side of my DVD ‘Mayflies and More’

Quick Tie Mayfly

Tie the ‘Quick Tie' Mayfly now... and be ready! It’s a simple 3 step Mayfly with just 3 basic materials.

Blue Flash Bugger

When the Blue Flash Damsel met the Wooly Bugger, the Blue Flash Bugger was born! It’s one of my most effective streamer patterns. My number one fly for those big winter Rainbows. Go get ‘em!

The Rubber Bullet

Learn how to tie the Rubber Bullet. It’s a new version of my Bullet fly and it’ll catch you fish ‘off the top’ even in the co