Allcock’s Aquatic Spider

The Simple Mayfly

If you belong to one of those fishing clubs that only allows you to fish a floating fly, you have my deepest sympathy! I spent many years fishing these strictly controlled waters until I came to my senses and joined a syndicate on the beautiful River Avon that not only allows you to fish for the occasional Salmon but also offers the coarse angler two beautiful lakes and more miles of the Avon than one will ever need.

The Barbel, Tench, Carp and Perch are just some of the species for which we try. However, during the Mayfly each year it is not exactly hard work to find those crafty old Trout.

I remember when I first started fly fishing I was doggedly casting up stream and then whipping the fly off the water before it passed me in an attempt to stay within the local rules. As I dried the fly and prepared for the next cast the keeper’s voce behind me suggested…. “Next time, let the fly sink for a moment and then strip it back underwater. They can’t touch you for it!”